Moira Douglas

Moira Douglas specialises in contemporary, knitted textiles, trims and accessories for the high end fashion and couture markets, and also has her own - highly acclaimed - collections of luxurious wraps, and accessories.

Moira graduated with first class honours in Textiles and Surface Design from Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College. In 2007 she was shortlisted for "BDC New Designer of the Year".

Based in the old Hertfordshire market town of Tring, not far from the influences and energy of London, Moira uniquely combines the old and the new in her designs.

Her designs are unmistakably contemporary in structure, shape and texture and draw on the qualities of rich natural silks and other fine natural materials - including her successful exploration of integrating semi-precious stones.

Many of her designs draw equally on intricate and involved traditional crafts such as macrame, tape lace, knotting and braiding. The end results are sometimes eclectic, always beautiful and have a unique air of quality that make her finished garments a pleasure to own and to wear.